Blues? At a New Orleans Music Venue? Now We’ve Heard it All!

May 10th, 2013

No, just kidding. The great thing about running a New Orleans music venue like the Rivershack is that we’re never going to hear it all. We’ve always got fresh bands stopping by to drop some new tunes on us. But down to business: We double-checked our music calendar, and it appears that we’ve come down with a serious case of the blues this May!

SAT (May 11) Lil’ Red Heats Up the Shack

Come out to hear Lil’ Red and Big Bad throw some hot, sexy blues your way this Saturday. If you like your music heavy on the sultry female vocals, (and who doesn’t) Lil’ Red will be a real treat for you.

MON (May 13) Danny Alexander Fetches His Axe

Don’t let Monday get you down! The Danny Alexander Blues Band is a perfect fit for our cosy little New Orleans music venue. They’ll demonstrate that all you really need to chase them blues away are a guitar, a bass, drums, and some bitching vocals.

THURS (May 16) Christian Serpas & George Neyrey

Don’t worry, we’re not totally surrendering the stage to the blues this month. Our old friends Christian Serpas & George Neyrey will give us a healthy dose of rockabilly goodness on the 16th. Break out your tacky Western shirt and come check them out!

FRI (May 24) Big Al is Back in Town

Al’s been playing a lot of gigs in Mississippi and Alabama lately, but don’t hold that against him! Big Al and the Heavyweights are here to fire us up for the start of summer with their electrified swamp rock. Take your blues with a healthy dose of cool funk as the weather heats up!

TONIGHT! (May 10) The Big Easy Playboys Hit Your Zydeco Buttons

If you’re ready to hear Zydeco done right, NOW is the time to make plans to come down and see the Big Easy Playboys. They’re taking the stage at 10 PM, so we expect the doors to blow off sometime around midnight. Don’t miss it!

The Rivershack is your New Orleans music venue of choice when you want to get up close and personal with outstanding bands like these. Just remember to keep your hands and feet clear of the stage area, and please, please don’t feed the musicians (unless they’re really starving!)

New Orleans Restaurants With a Great Lunchtime Spread Should Make it Available Around the Clock!

April 19th, 2013

Visiting some New Orleans restaurants calls for lots of advanced planning and pomp and circumstance. The Rivershack is more of a pomp-free zone! We want our customers to swing by whenever their stomachs rumble, and that’s why our lunch offerings are available any time.

A Full-Time Grill Other New Orleans Restaurants Envy

Every day in the Rivershack kitchen starts at 11 AM, and it goes on until we close in the wee hours of the night. While super-fancy downtown restaurants restrict themselves to specified sittings, we prefer to keep our whole menu up and running as long as we’re open for business. You can grab lunch at the Rivershack at whatever time feels like lunchtime to you!

New Orleans Lunch Specials With Chef Mike

Okay, we admit it: There’s one caveat to our “lunch any time” set-up. If you’re craving one of Mike Baskind’s notoriously awesome lunch specials, you have to get here early! Whenever Chef Mike is in the kitchen, the deliciousness is on a strict first-come, first-served policy. Rather than jack up our prices to reflect top-quality food the way some New Orleans restaurants might, we keep things fair. If you want to jockey for a shot at Chef Mike’s next special, make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to see what’s coming up.

All Your Favorites On the Table – Or in the Bag

New Orleans restaurants that serve great food soon develop a following of devoted regulars, and the Shack definitely has one! We love our customers, and we stay flexible to meet their lunch schedules. The Rivershack’s whole menu is available for take-out ordering. We believe in providing lunch not just any time, but anywhere! Call ahead to place your order, and keep in mind that there may be a few delays during busy hours.

We don’t want you to have one wonderful meal with us here at the Rivershack – we want you to come back again and again! That’s why our grill is always running and our prices are always reasonable. The next time you’re in the mood for a great New Orleans lunch, (no matter what time it is) hit the road and get to the Rivershack ASAP!

If You Work in Metairie Lunch Can be More Than Just a Fuel-Up

March 25th, 2013

With all due respect to breakfast, lunch is a pretty dang important meal in its own right. A good midday meal can make up for a tough morning, set you up for a pleasant afternoon, and brighten your entire day. For folks in Metairie lunch at the Rivershack Tavern does all this – and more!

The heart and soul of our lunchtime business is our traditional menu of classics. Favored by long-time regulars and making new fans out of first-time diners, our standard menu is more than enough to give you great lunchtime choices. From fresh, delicious seafood (including Metairie’s best soft shell crab poboys) to perfectly-grilled steaks to healthy, tasty salads, we’ve got it all.

If you’re in the mood for take-out, the Rivershack can handle that, too. Just call ahead (834-4938) to place your order for pick-up. Unless we’re totally swamped, we’ll have a classic Rivershack Metairie lunch boxed up and waiting for you! Besides poboys, we also serve juicy burgers and deli-style sandwiches that make excellent take-out meals.

When you’ve got the hunger for something different, check out our latest lunch specials provided by Chef Mike Baskind. He mixes up his own distinctive take on traditional local foods, blending Louisiana ingredients with exotic techniques and seasonings. You’ll have to take a look at the Shack’s Facebook or Twitter pages to find out what specials will be coming up next; Chef Mike picks his dishes based on what’s best for the moment, not according to a fixed schedule.

When you’re in Metairie lunch doesn’t have to come in a fast food bag. The alternative doesn’t have to be sitting down for a long, expensive “fine dining” experience, either. Come on down to the Rivershack for great food, fair prices, and fun times!

When it Comes to Outstanding Restaurants Metairie is No Wasteland

January 11th, 2013

Some people assume that all the goodness in New Orleans – in music, in food, in fun – is confined to Orleans Parish, and that just isn’t true. The Rivershack is one of the many outstanding restaurants Metairie has to offer to patrons who’re willing to go the extra half-mile. (We’re noble enough to mention that other restaurants exist, but that’s the line – they’re still the competition!)

Not every meal in New Orleans needs to be a four-star affair. Our menu is perfect for those casual afternoons and evenings when your top priority is getting some filling grub. We’ve got our steaks, sandwiches, and salads down to a science – we guarantee they’ll get the job done for you! Don’t forget that our grill is open late, too. There’s no such thing as “too late for a po boy” at the Rivershack.

On the other hand, having a little something fancy is nice every now and then. That’s why we’re glad we have Chef Mike Baskind around. Mike prepares lunch specials for us (and for you!) that stand shoulder-to-shoulder with New Orleans’ finest food. This is something you can’t get in many of the restaurants Metairie presents to you – downtown-quality food at a suburban price. It’s not easy to keep track of what Chef Mike has coming up, but you can get a decent idea by keeping track of us on Facebook or Twitter.

There you have it – just a few of the reasons the restaurants Metairie is home to are worth your attention. Take the time to come out to Jefferson Parish and explore them – and make sure you start with the Rivershack!

The Rivershack: Find a Proper New Orleans Lunch Any (or Every!) Day

January 2nd, 2013

We run a full-service New Orleans entertainment smorgasbord here at the Rivershack Tavern, and that definitely includes offering up top-quality grub. Besides a bar that can’t be beat and a stage that showcases some of the finest in Metairie live music, our grill is up and running at 11 AM sharp every day. That makes the Rivershack a perfect stop whenever you’re in the mood for a classic New Orleans lunch.

Of course, we can’t talk about a proper New Orleans lunch menu without talking about seafood, and that’s why the Shack offers plenty of delicious dishes prepared with fresh, local seafood. You can Get the Gaff: Take on a healthy salad (house or caesar) lightly garnished with a freshly-grilled tuna filet. You can order a classic po boy made with soft-shell crab or fried shrimp and oysters (our half-and-half is a wonderful compromise between two great seafood treats). You can also go all-out and take our See-Food Platter for a swim: Enjoy fried shrimp, catfish, and oysters with plenty of fries and a bit of alligator sausage, too. Check out the choices on our classic menu!

Some people are looking for a bit of novelty and variety at lunchtime, and we don’t disappoint them at the Rivershack. With Chef Mike preparing some of the city’s finest homestyle lunch specials, we frequently offer up dishes that can compete with the greatest restaurants in town. And yet we keep the prices affordable! Just keep an eye on our feeds (Facebook and Twitter) to stay abreast of what Chef Mike will be cooking up next.

Don’t ever forget that a fine New Orleans lunch doesn’t need to come right out of the city itself. You may find that the best example you’ve ever tasted is waiting at the Rivershack Tavern, just across the Parish line.

The Best New Orleans Restaurants Offer More Than Great Food

December 20th, 2012

We’re pretty spoiled here in New Orleans, especially when it comes to good food. This is a city where the corner convenience store serves sandwiches that would earn rave reviews in lesser towns. Naturally, New Orleans restaurants have to hold themselves to mighty high standards if they want to hang onto their customers. We think that balance is important, though, so we’ve tried to keep the Rivershack strong on a number of different fronts.

When it comes to our ordinary menu, we don’t want to fool with success. We continue to offer up all the favorites that our regulars love from 11 AM right through to closing time. The Shack keeps prices down and portions generous – we want to make sure that our customers are filled up and happy after partaking in a Rivershack meal.

We love to mention that we’ve got plenty to offer when it comes to fine dining, too. With Chef Mike providing our lunch specials, (check in via Twitter or Facebook to see the latest!) we can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the snootiest of New Orleans restaurants.

That’s not necessarily our mission in life, of course. Most nights we’ve got a band, and that’s when the Rivershack really comes alive. Our little Shack is packed with newcomers and regulars, all of them dancing, drinking, eating, and enjoying themselves. We know that it’s this great mix of entertainment and food that brings people back to the Rivershack over and over again, and so we do our best to bring the pieces together as often as we can. All great New Orleans restaurants have something distinctive to offer their fans, and this perfect blend of fun is the Rivershack’s signature.

The Best NOLA Live Music Needs a Little Accompaniment

December 14th, 2012

Mixing a great blend is one of New Orleans’ best arts, whether it’s done in cooking, cocktails, or music. NOLA live music in particular is an artform that encourages combination, both inside and outside the realm of performance. The Rivershack Tavern, with its triple-threat mix of great tunes, fresh grub, and outstanding drinks, is well positioned to put all the pieces together.

Right now we can boast a solid weekend schedule, with fresh live acts booked Thursday through Saturday. (Coming up: The Refugeze, Mike “Rhino” Rhiner, Scott Schmidt, and Gal Holiday and the Honky Tonk Review) We also usually have a show on Tuesdays, with Casey Saba coming up on the 18th. (Closed for Christmas, though, of course!)

Fun as a live show can be, alone it’s not as enjoyable as one that’s well accompanied with food and drink. At the Rivershack, you don’t need to plan any other stops to put together a fully satisfying night. Our grill is open late, so there’ll be treats available whenever you arrive, and our fully-stocked bar is always in business. With a fine beer in hand and a fresh sandwich in your belly, you’ll be ready to really appreciate a little NOLA live music.

We don’t want you to miss out on an opportunity to hear some great tunes. It’s well worth your time to swing by the Rivershack on a night with a live show; we think you’ll find the experience one that’s worth repeating. Great live local music is everywhere in New Orleans, and the Shack is definitely included.

Prices Tell You Nothing About Which NOLA Restaurants You’ll Love

November 14th, 2012

Nobody can deny that we love our food here in New Orleans. NOLA restaurants stack up strong in comparison to virtually any other city in the world. We run the gamut from five-star coat-and-tie Establishments (with a capital “E”) to down-and-dirty no-frills Joints (spelled and capitalized however you like). At the Rivershack we don’t particularly care where you’d rank us on that scale; to us taste is more important than cost.

Although we don’t have a budget-busting menu, we’re proud of the fact that our regulars come back again and again because of our food as well as our prices. We have long-standing favorites on our bill of fare that have been filling local bellies for many years, and we’ve got them down to a science. Take on a cooked-to-order ribeye steak with a fried Shack-Tater on the side if you want a great dinner. For lunch, why not grab a yummy, messy po boy, fully dressed? And don’t forget we’ve always got fresh seafood, served up however you like it!

If you want a touch of class without an unpleasant add-on to your bill, stop in while Chef Mike is whipping up his lunch specials. These signature dishes are critically acclaimed and always changing. Our specials offer you a nice balance between traditional homestyle ingredients and novel, exotic flavors. NOLA restaurants are about innovation as well as tradition, after all. Take a walk on the wild side with Chef Mike, and you’ll be talking about it (enthusiastically, we hope!) for days after!

You don’t have to be in the city very long to build a roster of NOLA restaurants you come back to again and again. We’d love for you to make the Rivershack one of yours, and we’re sure that price will be no object!

To Enjoy Metairie Live Music Properly, You Want to be Close to the Action

November 8th, 2012

The Rivershack offers up all three of the vital ingredients of a good time in New Orleans: food, drinks, and music. We talk a lot about the first ingredient here on the blog, but all three are equally important. That’s why we do our best to keep our music schedule packed!

One of the great things about catching a show at the Rivershack is getting to rub elbows with the performers. The Shack is, after all, a shack – we don’t have the space to stick musicians off away from the crowd. When you take in a bit of Metairie live music with us, you’ll be front-and-center for the whole show. You’ll capture every moment, and see little details that would be lost at a venue that’s not as friendly as ours.

In some people’s (sadly misguided) opinions, the Metairie live music scene isn’t as rich and varied as the stuff happening further down the river. Nothing could be further from the truth! The Rivershack offers up a variety of different musical styles that can match anything you’ll find in downtown venues – and we’ll keep you supplied with outstanding food and drinks while you enjoy it.

We’re confident that after you’ve seen a good band throw down a smoking-hot set at the Rivershack, you’ll be hooked on the experience. Don’t worry, there are always fresh acts and old favorites coming up on the schedule. You can make the Rivershack a regular stop on your rounds of great Metairie live music venues.

Hit the Rivershack When You Want Mouth-Watering New Orleans Lunch Specials

October 30th, 2012

Lunch at the Rivershack is always a tasty affair, and we’re proud of the many regulars who trust us to provide a filling mid-day meal. Our menu is packed full-to-bursting with local favorites that are sure to send you on way licking your fingers. We handle more than just the basics, though! Chef Mike is still cranking out some of the best New Orleans lunch specials you’ve ever seen.

The soup you start your lunch with can be just as memorable as the meal that follows it. From day to day we may have something traditional, like a Cajun andouille and rice soup, or something more exotic, like our recent crab / tomato / jalapeno mix.

After a good bowl of something tasty has raised your expectations, Chef Mike will not disappoint them! He puts together fine local ingredients with his own unique flair. Most of our New Orleans lunch specials feature an expertly-prepared cut of meat. (Recent examples include pork shanks in homemade barbecue sauce and New York strip steaks with lemon-crab butter.) The sides that go along with the main entree are where we really shine. They can be anything from pepperjack grits to red pepper and ginger coulis. The one thing they always have in common is a perfect fit with the rest of the lunch.

Mouth watering yet? Make the Rivershack your go-to destination the next time you’re in the mood for outstanding New Orleans lunch specials. Don’t forget to keep tabs on our Facebook and Twitter feeds – we’ll let you know what great dishes are coming up!