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Of All the Restaurants Metairie Has to Offer, the Rivershack is the One You Can’t Miss

Friday, August 17th, 2012

Great food is what New Orleans is all about! (Along with awesome music, great Saints games, and professional-grade partying, of course!) There are terrific places to eat all over NOLA, and you really should make the effort to cover all the bases. On your hunt for great restaurants Metairie can’t be neglected, and you’ll make a serious mistake if you miss out on the Rivershack Tavern.

If you swing by around lunchtime, you might catch Chef Mike Baskind whipping up something worthy of four or five reviewer’s stars. Don’t let our casual atmosphere and friendly service fool you; Chef Mike can throw down with the best cooks in town. We have a menu packed with local favorites, too, so we’ll be able to satisfy your hunger even if you’re not in the mood for something extra-fancy.

That menu keeps right on rocking until closing time, so if you hit the Shack later in the evening, you’ll still get a shot at our po boys, steaks, salads, and fresh seafood. On the right night, your grub will arrive just as a live band starts warming up – the Rivershack hosts musical acts two to four nights a week. Finish off the evening with a few fine brews or a mixed drink or two from our fully-stocked bar.

Once you’ve given the Rivershack a try, you may end up describing the experience by talking about what makes us unique. The vintage ads outside. The people-legged bar stools. The vast and truly tacky assortment of ashtrays. Just don’t forget to give our food a mention; we’re confident you’ll find it memorable!

What’s Really Important for a New Orleans Lunch

Monday, August 13th, 2012

When out-of-town folks get all misty-eyed about the wonders of New Orleans cuisine, they’re likely thinking of fine dining at stuffy restaurants: Dinners that come with four forks and big bills. Wise locals know better. There are great Crescent City eats out there for every meal, and they don’t have to take a big bite out of your paycheck. At the Rivershack Tavern, we take pride in serving up a New Orleans lunch that can be both affordable and memorable.

Our daily menu has a nice roster of local favorites (po’ boys ahoy!), distinctive specialties (you haven’t lived ’til you’ve tried Rusty’s Chicken Ranch), and fresh, tasty seafood. The food starts flying at 11, and it doesn’t stop until late. The Rivershack makes a great destination for your regular Metairie lunch – we even do carry-out orders!

Of course, we’ve also got Mike Baskind in the house, and every day he’s cooking up something special. We can’t tell you in advance just what sort of magic Chef Mike is working, but folks who try his delicious dishes are rarely disappointed. Recent lunch specials have included tenderloin steak in a Chinese mustard-hoisin sauce, basil Redfish with Thai-style shrimp curry, and duck raviolo with peach-habanero chutney.

A great New Orleans lunch doesn’t need starched tablecloths and enough waiters to start a football team. It’s the food that matters. When you lunch at the Rivershack, you don’t need to be dressed fancy; just remember to bring your appetite!

Putting Together the Total Package

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

There are a LOT of New Orleans restaurants out there. Most of them serve great food, many of them have great drinks, and more than a few offer up great music. At the Rivershack Tavern, we believe you should be able to get all of this in one trip. That’s why we’ve done our best to make the Shack a one-stop shop for food, drinks, and fun.

Since we are, after all, a tavern, we can start with the drinks. We offer up a huge selection of draft beers, from the finest imports to the best of NOLA’s local brews. We also put together a range of tasty mixed drinks, many of them signature creations like our River Rita.

Many bars offer up food, but we try a little harder at the Rivershack. Our kitchen is in the expert hands of Chef Mike Baskind, and he brings a nonstop array of incredible daily specials to our lunch menu. The grill stays open late, though, so the Shack can satisfy your appetite day or night.

After taking care of your mouth, we like to give your ears something to chew on, too. The Rivershack typically hosts live music 3 nights a week. Our stage is open to all kinds of acts, and you might catch anything from rock to zydeco to blues being belted out on a show night. Check our music calendar to see who’s stopping by to jam in the coming month!

At the Rivershack, we like to think our food-drinks-music triple threat sets us apart from the common crowd of New Orleans restaurants. Drop by and check us out; we’ll save you time and money by giving you everything you’re looking for under one roof.

Gal Holiday & the Honky Tonk Revue Will Be Rockin’ the ‘Shack this Saturday!

Friday, October 7th, 2011

While everyone knows we have the best Metairie drink specials and amazing food, we can never say enough about the Shack’s live music. And let’s be honest, can you have a completer evening than the sweet combination of perfectly fried onion rings, a juicy Shank-Me Burger, a cold pint of Abita, and awesome local live music? We don’t think so.

That’s why you should come get your fix of Metairie live music this Saturday when Gal Holiday & the Honky Tonk Review gets the Shack rockin’. You’ve probably caught the toe-tappin’ group Uptown at Tip’s or onstage at Jazz Fest, so you know how amazing their modern rock ‘n’ roll sounds are.

Like any good New Orleanian, Gal Holiday & the Honky Tonk Review took a genre and made it their own. The music is a perfect combination of Swing, Rockabilly, and country. offBeat said about the group, “Swingabilly New Orleans style from a hot little combo fronted by honeyvoiced Holiday.” Sounds like a great Saturday night right?

Have your dancing shoes ready by 10:00, because that’s when the melodious tunes will start. And, of course, enjoy our drink specials and a delicious dinner beforehand!


Saturday, October 1st, 2011

When October hits here in Metairie, we don’t think of pumpkins and hayrides. After all, the heat index is still reaching into the mid 90s, so swimsuit season isn’t far out of our minds. What we can never get out of our thoughts, however, is all the fun the Germans are having at Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest is like a global party where the beer keeps flowing and lederhosen is a common sight. The festivities started back in 1810 as part of Prince Ludwig of Bavaria’s wedding celebration. 40,000 people attended the horse race in Munich that first year, and the tradition grew from there. At some point, the race was abandoned, but most of the original party continues. Today, breweries sponsor beer halls at Theresienwiese, the original location of Oktoberfest, and beer and food stands sate visitors’ epicurean desires.

Everyone at the Shack totally understands how Oktoberfest got to be such an international shebang. If you invite a whole country to a party with incredible beer, of course people are going to come. So, extend the party to the world and, well, you know what’s going to happen.

Feel free to think of us as a small scale Oktoberfest. While we can’t offer you millions of liters of beer like they can in Munich, we do have great brews and delicious food. And we wouldn’t turn anyone down if they wanted to show up in lederhosen. So if you didn’t make it to the Bavarian beer halls this year, don’t yodel out a sad tune. Just come down to the Rivershack Tavern and listen to the best live music in Metairie and raise your steins to the Germans who brought us good bee

Enjoy a Glass of Local Beer with Us

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

Here at the Rivershack Tavern, we always strive to keep you in the know about good beers. As your favorite neighborhood bar, we consider it our duty. After all, if the place with the best Metairie drink specials didn’t educate you on these things, who would?

As the marsh fire blanketed the city in nauseating fumes a few weeks ago, NOLA Brewing was capturing a much more appealing smokiness. At the beginning of the month, the Tchoupitoulas brewery released a delightfully smoky ale, aptly named Smoky Mary. If that title sounds familiar, then you’re apparently up-to-date on historical New Orleans trivia. The Smoky Mary was a streetcar line that, from 1830-1930, took people from downtown out to the southern shore of Lake Pontchartrain – roughly where UNO is now.

The malt in Rauchbier (That’s German for “smoked beer.” We’re giving you a well-rounded education, here.) is smoked over beechwood logs. Like any good Crescent City establishment, however, NOLA Brewing broke from tradition to make their product a bit more special. The malt for Smoky Mary was smoked over pecan wood, which, as we all know, is indigenous to our area. Can’t beat natural, local flavor!

According to the New Orleans RTA, the Smoky Mary took its travelers to a place “where people enjoyed picnics and social events on the lakefront,” a relaxing break from the bustle of the city. That sounds familiar to us. A good beer and a happy atmosphere bring people together. That’s why we think Smoky Mary and the Rivershack Tavern are such a good fit. Just like it’s namesake, the Smoky Mary beer can carry you and your friends to enjoyable social events – and what better place to let that happen than down at the ‘Shack? Come join us for good beer and great live music in Metairie.

Our Dartboards Add Extra Fun to the Shack

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

Like any good bar, we know the kind of fun people want – because it’s the kind of fun we want. That means great, local food, friendly service, and ice-cold beer. We at the Rivershack Tavern have built a place that provides just that so that any New Orleanian can step into the Shack and know they’ll have a good time and leave with a happy stomach. And while having the best drink specials and neighborhood bar appeal in Metairie draw in many of our patrons, some come for further entertainment – and we understand that, too. One of our favorite breaks from eating is enjoying our dartboard.

Darts is a traditional pub game in the United Kingdom. And we enjoy our good beer just as much as they do over there, so the dartboards fit right in at the Shack! It was invented way back in the 1800s, and we’re willing to guess it’s not much different today than it used to be. Just a few friends having a good time while drinking some beer!

If you’ve never played before, a regular can show you the way it’s done. But if you think dart throwing and drinking may be a bad combination, there are still plenty of other things to keep you entertained. Remember: we always have the best live music Metairie has to offer!

A Little Po’Boy History

Friday, August 26th, 2011

All us New Orleanians know that our festive city created that wonderful sandwich we call the Po’Boy. But we’ve probably forgotten the history behind the Crescent City’s French bread brainchild. We serve seven different Po’Boys here at the Rivershack Tavern, and our prices show that we haven’t forgotten the sandwich’s history! So read through this tasty history lesson, and then come on down to the Shack to enjoy a fresh, local Po’Boy and the best Metairie drink specials.

-       Benny and Clovis Martin moved to New Orleans in the 1910s to work as streetcar conductors.

-       They open Martin Brothers’ Coffee Stand in the French Market in 1922.

-       On July 1, 1927, the streetcar motormen and conductors went on strike following heated contract negotiations. The strike was very violent and the public participated by not riding the streetcars.

-       Many businesses helped the union men by donating goods and services.

-       The Martin Brothers were one of these businesses. The brothers wrote a letter promising a free meal to members of the local union.

-       The New Orleans Po-Boy Preservation Society states that Bennie Martin said, “”We fed those men free of charge until the strike ended. Whenever we saw one of the striking men coming, one of us would say, ‘Here comes another poor boy.’” And thus, the Po-Boy was born.

-       To be able to serve more sandwiches, the Martin Brothers’ baker recreated the French bread, making the ends uniform in length, as opposed to the typically narrowed ends of French bread.

-       This new style allowed large sandwiches and the Martin Brothers’ kept the prices low, ensuring many a po’ boy during the Great Depression could afford a sandwich to eat.

We at the Shack raise our glasses to the generosity and innovation of the Martin Brothers! We sure do love the sandwiches they created.

Come On Down for Our Redfish Special After You Read These Fun Facts

Friday, August 12th, 2011

Redfish are one of those delicious delicacies that just grow better in Louisiana waters. The freshly caught redfish we bring in are beauties and when we cook them at the Shack, you know we have the best redfish in Metairie. They aren’t usually on our menu – that’s how exceptional they are – so when we have a redfish special we want everyone in town to come enjoy the food along with the best Metairie happy hour around.

Here are some fun facts about redfish to educate everyone on one of our local gilled favorites:

- Redfish live in estuaries and around barrier islands from Texas to Virginia – so yes, these guys are Southern!

- Fishermen have caught redfish that weigh in at over 90 pounds! We’re not kidding; imagine a fish the size of your Labrador Retriever…

- Crabs are the redfish’s primary food source, but they also eat shrimp, mullet, and other small fish. They really have a lot in common with us at the Shack.

-Redfish food value is not good after 15 lbs., meaning the victory of reeling in a dog-sized fish does not transfer to good eating.

-Redfish aren’t long distance travelers, so they stay close to their birthplace their whole lives. Again, they’re a bit like us, but we stay because we’ve never found better drink specials or tastier food.

So why are we telling you this if we don’t even usually have redfish on the menu? That’s right…we have a scrumptious redfish special tonight! Come on down for Pan-Seared Redfish served over Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes with a Tasso Butter Sauce and Baby Spinach. Is your mouth watering? We know it is, so come grab a beer at the Shack and we’ll take care of all your needs!

Happy National IPA Day!

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Today is National IPA Day, so of course we’re celebrating down at the Shack! But since we have the best happy hour deals in Metairie, who could blame us for a little Thursday night party?

Unsure about IPAs? You’re not alone. Many people avoid them because of their strong bitter flavor. But with drink specials like ours, it won’t hurt your wallet to try a pint after you enjoy some of your regualr favorite brew.

India Pale Ales are descended from 17th century, British pale ales. The color, like the name, comes from the pale malts used to make the beer. A quick Wikipedia check tells us that, in the 18th century, pale ale was manufactured with coke-fired malt; this needed less smoking and roasting of barley in the malting process, producing a paler beer.

Beer lovers like to tell a tall tale about the history of the IPA name. It is said that IPAs were brewed with extra hops and alcohol to help them survive the journey from Britain to India. While brewers had been told to add hops to beers being exported to warm climates, IPAs weren’t the only beer traveling to India – porters did, too. But the beer was very popular in India, and exporters eventually adopted the name.

If you’re curious to try an IPA tonight, there are two great local options. NOLA Brewing makes the Hopitoulas IPA, and Abita makes the Jockamo IPA. The Jockamo is a perfect IPA for newbies. It’s very balanced and isn’t overly hoppy. The Hopitoulas packs a bigger punch in terms of bitterness, but is still very drinkable.

If you want to celebrate National IPA Day, come join us at the Shack! Enjoy some Metairie live music, while sipping local brews. We promise you’ll have a good time with us!